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Trading z chmurami Ichimoku

Trading with Ichimoku Clouds: 
The Essential Guide to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Technical Analysis
Manesh Patel

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Chapter 1 Ichimoko Components. Tenkan Sen. Kijun Sen. Chikou Span. Kumo Cloud Components. Senkou Span A. Senkou Span B. Kumo Cloud. 
Chapter 2 ICHIMOKU Trading Plan. Components. Strategy Description. 
Chapter 3 ICHIMOKU Backtesting. Backtesting. EURAD A Two Year Back Test. Summary Two Years of Backtesting.
Chapter 4 Post Analysis. Examining the Back Test Results. Optimize Trading Plan.
Chapter 5 Ichimoku Strategies. Ideal Ichimoku Strategy.
Chapter 6 Ichimoku Time Elements. Ichimoku Time Elements.
Chapter 7 Applied Trader Psychology. Is It As Easy As Just Being Taught a New System? The Problem We Have With Getting in Our Own Way. Is There a Conspiracy Against the Small Trader? Traders Myth - Smart People Make the Best Traders. Losing Trades Are Acceptable. A Successful System Will Fortify Your Convictions. Self-Sabotage and How It Applies to Your Trading. In Summary - Trader Psychology Overall.
Chapter 8 Day Trading with Ichimoku. Consequences of trading without a Trading Plan Trading Plan. Backtesting. Conclusion. 
Chapter 9 Conclusion. Ichimoku Analysis Sheet. 

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